Friday, 25 January 2013

The Finshed Piece

Here is a pretty bad video 'tour' of the finished piece, but combined with the (also poor) photos, you get a general idea of the whole thing.

Small summery of our project and final outcome for this Options week:

For the theme of Body and Identity we decided to create an installation that represented there can be a divorce between who someone is and what they look like. How they are and can be two completely different things. The old, 'don't judge a book by it's cover' saying.

The booth was the 'template' of our person, our 'characters' exterior would be a beautiful perfection,almost sickly sweet, representing a heightened image of perfection, the idea of beauty only being skin deep. 
The interior would represent a rotten core, their ugly, vain identity on the inside. 

This is the outside, it was painted white, like a blank canvas but with all these ideas of beautiful things being projected/stuck onto it.
Images and scenes of picturesque landscapes, nature, and a close up of a girls eyes blinking, were projected onto it, over white rose petals.
Rose petals and pot puree were sprinkled around the base, giving off a floral scent and we would associate with femininity. 

All these metaphors together were used to project an over-the-top idea what is beautiful and perfect, linking back to Hollister their their projection of the ideal on the customer. In turn also how the media dictates what is considered 'beautiful'. 
Also how the Nazi regime tried to create  the 'perfect race' through Eugenics.

The interior is painted black and the only light is from the small entrance, it is small and claustrophobic, the high black walls around you only enhance this feeling.
Ahead is a lambs heart on a dripping plinth. The smell of the heart is unpleasant, showing the viewer how potentially gruesome and unpleasant something/someone can be on the inside, despite a beautiful exterior (body).

On the walls surrounding are broken mirrors, reflecting back at the audience a jagged, distorted self, making it all slightly disorientating.
These represent a bad, self absorbed vanity, how when someone can be so caught up and self absorbed in their own refection and identity, that they don't have time to notice what else is going on around them. And can "loose one's sense of direction, position, or relationship with one's surroundings".

(Here you can see my refection and then the heart on the plinth in the bottom right shard)

At the base of the heart bearing plinth are melted and distorted Barbie dolls. They have their stomachs and breasts burnt out, some have faces too. This is to  also represent vanity and how destructive it can be. In the search for a vain 'perfection' people can ruin their true pure beauty. Their rotten core had burnt out.

Don't judge a book by its cover, the perfect physical body you see on the outside may have a rotten core to their inner identity.

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