Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Week of Contruction

So this week has been the week we have to create our installation.
Firstly we had to start thinking about the logistics of the whole thing...

Next, more planning...

And working out the final design...

This is how our week went:

-Made the plan for the installation (see above)
-Located boards
-Made shopping list and designated out who would purchase what.

-Boards detached and sanded down ready for painting
-Plinth located
-Projector reserved
-Asked/booked in help from the wood work technician to help us construct the boards on Thursday

-Re-evaluated what we had each purchased so far, and decided what else and what more was needed.
I was allocated candles (for creating texture on the plinth), and to look out for cheap mirrors
-Painted boards

-Found a location: the film/tv studio. We marked this up with where we wanted it to be.

The line half way across the left hand side marks where the half board would be, ie. the entrance. The cross marks the plinths location.

However, just as we had moved in all the boards to construction it turned out another group needed the space. We moved to the theatre, but as it was in use that afternoon we had to save setting up for the next day.

-Mirrors were smashed (on an off site location to avoid health and safety and risk assessments)

-Split into two groups of three, half on the construction of the installation and the other on the decoration. I was in the decoration group.

We started with the plinth, and dripping wax down it to create a sort of messy, horrible texture. We used white and red candle wax, red signifying danger, anger, lust, hate etc. All very strong and potentially malicious emotions. 
This was also done on an off site location to avoid health and safety and risk assessments.

Here is the process and the finished piece. The heart sits in the center, so the red wax will look like the heart is dripping blood.

-Meanwhile, the majority of the booth had been created and the video that Nick had created representing beauty was being set up to be played through the projector.

-Next we glued on the smashed up mirrors into the interior using a glue gun borrowed from wood work, and then the flower petals onto the exterior.

-Then finally the finishing touches, the heart on the plinth went in, the melted Barbie dolls that Charlotte had made went at the foot of the plinth, pot puree and petals were scattered outside, and it was done!

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