Monday, 3 December 2012

Eugenics and Hollister

I don't know whether this is a bit of a tenuous link or not, but im going to put it out there.

Eugenics is the belief of improving the human race through 'selective breeding' ie. encouraging the reproduction between humans with desirable traits (positive eugenics), and discouraging reproduction of partners with genetic defects (negative eugenics).

Sort of creating the 'perfect race', like the Nazi regime with their aryan 'master' race.

 Can you see the similarities?! Hollister models and Nazi propaganda poster!

Linking only in the way Hollister project a perfected image onto the customer, all the models dressed and looking the same, that preppy sporty style. If you buy their clothes you will also somehow turn into this highly attractive perfectly preppy, sporty type.

I  took the trip to Hollister today. I walk in and its pretty busy, music is playing loudly and there is that distinctive perfumed 'Hollister smell'. Big leafy plants scattered around, on the floor and the also on the big wooden tables on which clothes are neatly folded. An attractive male assistant seems to be on clothe folding duty at one of these tables. 

The low lighting makes navigating through the people, tables and plants tricky. I also feel quite on edge, I don't know whether its the fact I'm trying to take sneaky pictures or trying not to look like an idiot infront of all these hot guys. Whatever it is I feel out of place, I make a quick exit. I'm glad that's over.

We want to create a similar feel, make the audience feel on edge, maybe not through models, more the loud noise, low lighting thing!

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