Thursday, 6 December 2012

Finalising our Proposal

Today we finalised our proposal and set out straight what it is that we are actually going to.

This is what we came up with:

We propose to create a space that represents the idea of how someone appearance is not necessarily their identity. The divorce between body and soul, and to what extent these two inter-link.
This space will have a contrasting inside and outside, which will be divided by flats. Both spaces will be set up to represent the outer body image and the inside identity of a person.

This is a bit of a change from our original starting point, but I suppose ideas develop and change with discussion.We moved away from the idea of creating a disorientating space because whatever tenious link we got to that idea by, we had forgotten.

This new idea has a much clearer link to the theme 'Body and Identity'. We are going to try and represent how a person can look beautiful, happy or pure from the outside, yet on the inside be rotten to the core.

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We intend to use flats to create a space within a space, the outside will be the epitome of beauty, and the inside will represent the rotten core of our 'person'. Here's a sneaky sketch of the initial thoughts of how it'll be, baring in mind this is before any research.

Good days work of thinking and making things clearer, now just need to begin on a bit of research...

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